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1. Retraction from the agreement

The consumer is authorized to retract from the contract without stating the reason in accordance with § 7 law č. 102/2014 Collection of Laws about the consumer protection when distance sellinf in 14 days from accepting the goods. In the case, if within one order the goods were delivered separately, the due time for retraction starts from accepting the goods which was delivered as the last one.

 In accordance with  § 7 Section 6 of the Law. no 102/2014 Collection of the Law. the customer cannot retract from the contract which has content:

  • Sale of the goods which is liable to fast decrease of quality or decay
  • Sale of the goods closed in protection cover which cannot be returned because of health protection or hygienic reasons and which protection cover was damaged

The right to retract from the contract, the consumer is obliged to state in written form in or e-mail, while the form available on our internet page might be used. It may be filled in in computer and printed afterwards. The due date for retraction from the contract is considered maintained if the announcement about the contract retraction was sent latest on the last day of due date.

The consumer is obliged to send the goods back to the address OrganicMania s.r.o, Karpatské námestie 10, 831 06 Bratislava, Slovakia  latest  30 days from the contract retracion. It is advised to send the parcel as the registered mail. We do not accept the goods sen tas a cash on delivery. The consumer encloses the copy of tax invoice into the package which was delivered to him together with the goods and a copy of delivering. The due date for returning the goods is considered maintained if the goods was handed in for transport latest on the day of the due date. The expenses related to the returning of the goods are paid by consumer.

The seller obliges to return the cost of acquisition latest to the 30 days to the account which was stated by the consumer in the form, from the date of acceptance by the seller. When retracting from the contract, the costs of goods delivery will be refunded in the amount from the cheapest common method of delivery which the seller offers. In the case of unauthorized retraction from the contract, the goods will be returned to the expenses of the consumer.

2. Responsibility for faults, guarantee and claims

The seller provides the guarantee for the goods for 24 months. The guarantee is liable from the accepting of the things by buyer. The buyer is aware that he is obliged to have a look at the goods immediately after its acceptance. In the case the goods does not reflect the cost of acquisition, the buyer is obliged to inform the seller in the case if..

  • It is a not removable fault, the buyer has the right to have the fault removed for free, on time and correctly without delay, respectively the right for the Exchange of the goods. The buyer is aware that seller is authorized to Exchange the goods in the case of removing the fault for the goods without a fault if it does not cause serious problems to the 
  • It is a no removable fault which is an obstacle for the real use of the goods; the buyer has a right to have the goods exchanged or the right to withdraw from the
  • it is a no removable fault which is not an obstacle to use the goods correctly, the buyer has  right to obtain adequate discount from the
  • it is a removable fault but the buyer cannot  use the goods   because  of repetitive fault after the correction or higher number of faults and the buyer cannot use the goods correctly, he has a right to retract from the contract.

The buyer is aware that the seller is not responsible for the faults of the goods which were caused in causal relation with negotiation or the buyer´s forgetting.

The buyer is obliged to demonstrate the closing of the contract  with the proof of purchase within redelivery when claiming. The seller obliges to deal with the authorized and admitted claim at most in 30 calendar days from admitting the claim if the seller and buyer do not agree in a different way.


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