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The goods selection

There are several possibilities how to choose goods which you want to buy in an internet shop After registration and logging in, you may view the products from left menu or look for them with a tool for searching in the upper part of the page.

Catalogue orientation

The goods are divided into categories which are situated on the left side of the internet shop. By clicking the category name its content is shown. The content of the category may be filtered according to the producer. Then, you can view the goods named SALE or NEW. You may arrange the goods according to the price, date of adding and recommendation of the order. This list contains two arrangements of viewing- chart and picture. You set the display in upper toolbar where also other filters are. The list in the category contains a small picture of the product, brief description and price. By clicking the name or picture of the goods, you will get to the page describing more detailed features of given product. If you want to order the goods, click the cart button, displayed next to required size and color of the product.

Searching of the goods

Searching is realized by typing the searched words into the field on the right, next to logo and pressing the icon of searching. The result of searching is displayed in the same form as the content of category and it contains all products which fulfill the condition that in their name or description are situated all searched words. The results of searching also enable fast display of details about the given goods by clicking its name or picture and purchase of the goods.

Goods details

You will find the exact name about the goods on the page with details, big picture with a possibility to enlarge and detailed description of chosen goods. The page contains also charts with possible sizes, color possibilities and their prices. If you want to order the goods, opt for a chosen type of product, number of items and press the cart button.


The goods are put into the cart by clicking the cart button in the catalogue or on the page with the goods details.

The content of the cart is seen on the right up in the section cart. You will get there by pressing the cart icon. In such a case, you can see the cart with added goods which you want to buy.

You can see the basic information about the goods which you have chosen so far in a cart, with a small picture of the product. You may display the details about it by clicking the goods name. The goods from the cart can be deleted by the Delete button. If you want to change the number of pieces, it is necessary to use the plus or minus button.

If you are satisfied with the content of your cart and want to order the goods which you have in it, follow the four steps.

1st step - shopping cart

Check the content of the cart and press the button Continue.

2nd step - Personal data

If you are not logged in, the system asks you for logging. If you are not registered, you will find here the possibility to register. In the case you have logged in or have been logged in, you will see your invoice data and delivery data. It is possible to do the purchase without registration with   one time   data completing. Thus, you will lose all the benefits which the registration guarantees.

3rd step - Delivery and payment

Choose one from the offered methods of delivery and payment for goods. You will see the delivery price for each type of delivery.

4th step - Sending the order

Click the button ORDER GOODS and at the same time, you must agree with Terms and Conditions.            

After successful order sending, you will get to the page with confirmation of the successful processing of the order.


It is important to fill in the telephone number and e-mail address correctly because we use these data for verifying the orders. If we are not able to contact you, your order will not be confirmed.

In the case of problems, contact us by e-mail.


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